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Joseph Warren III
Warren Worthington III (Angel)
age + date of birth
33 + February 10, 1986
Chief Executive Officer
Aviation Consultant
Fighter Pilot
Being born to a multimillionaire would have been much more believable had Joseph Warren the Third, born January 10th of 1986 at New York Presbyterian to Joseph Warren II and his wife, Katherine, actually embraced it. While the silver spoon that his parents’ wealth put in his mouth had been a great one, composed of all the best preschools and elementary schools that money could buy acceptance to, clothing that was of the finest manufacturing thanks to Katherine’s ties to the fashion industry and fulfillment of essentially any desire that popped into their children’s heads, Joseph seemed to embrace a far more simplistic lifestyle than his siblings. It wasn’t enough to just have things handed to him. It wasn’t worth it to have grades purchased instead of earned. It wasn’t right to have it so easy when work, hard and diligent work, should have been the prerequisite to any such reward, something that hadn’t necessarily been required of the Warren family given Joseph Warren II’s ties to the longstanding Warren Aviation, an ages old company with just as many spent under the ownership of someone within the Warren family.

Though it started out small, Warren Aviation grew to become a worldwide provider of aerospace technology and military defense, eventually expanding under Joseph Warren and Joseph Warren II to include experimental and alternative fuels, a hot button subject of study given the nation’s dependence on foreign oil and growing environmental concerns; experimental flight mechanics, including a number of private military contracts; and even publishing with their not only their own publication subsidiary in JW Publishing, but millions in financial backing of media and entertainment production. Though the previous generations of the Warren family had succeeded in making the company steady for years to come following its inception, it would be the work of Joseph Warren II that would see its projected growth ceiling shattered and revenues exceeded and, in turn, his hours stretched to an almost unreasonable length, making Warren II far more of a familial benefactor than anything that could be called a father.

Joseph Warren III, for his part, was content to make his own way beyond the skeleton of a career path proposed and assumed by his family ties. During high school, he pursued a career in sports, particularly football with cross country in the off season to make sure he could keep up with the physical requirements. He focused his studies on scientific pursuits and when push finally came to shove in the form of graduation, he turned his attention away from college and towards the United States Air Force, intent on becoming a pilot which may or may have to do with Top Gun as much as it did getting out of his parents’ house. It was an admirable goal from his perspective, no matter how in line it did fall with the steps his grandfather and father had taken before finding themselves behind an executive desk; and following either weeks of basic training and rigorous nine week long officer training program, Joseph was in line to receive his wings. His further training took him to pilot training in Colorado and, being qualified, he ended up combining his primary JSUPT and ENJJPT training in pursuit of fight pilot assignments, eventually landing himself in the cockpit of a F-16.

For ten years, Joseph stayed with the Air Force, completing his first tour of duty with all intention to go back for another – something made only more complicated with the ailing health of his father. As far away as Joseph III had been from everything going on with his family while in training or overseas, only ever visiting when there was holiday leave to be had or he was in between tours of duty, his father’s cancer diagnosis had been kept in the dark. Even though they had the best medical attention and treatments that money could buy, they couldn’t buy health for Joseph II who only ever seemed to grow more and more ill as time progressed and treatments grew more and more aggressive to combat the malignant cells in his body. Unable to cope with the inevitable loss of his father, Joseph found solace in the military despite his mother’s pleas and fears that she would lose her husband and her son in close proximity to each other. Joseph, however, refused to give up his career, refused to give up flying and even though commercial piloting was an option, there was a certain gall that it lacked and a certain responsibility in caring for hundreds of people that Joseph wasn’t willing to take.

There had been no intention to step up into his position when Joseph Warren II passed away in 2014, any executive power falling to Katherine and those she chose to put on the executive board. With that came her opportunity to make sure her son wouldn’t have to fend for herself, setting up the necessary accounts with the help of the legal team to trust him with stock holdings which would not only secure his finances, but the company in making sure there was always a Warren behind primary ownership. The company works for the stock holders and Joseph would become the majority holder upon her passing with not much said about it further as the Warren family put their patriarch to rest and Warren Aviation dealt with the media and market storm that would inevitably come with such a change.

Joseph, for his part, never seemed content to stay in one place, moving across country to Sedona, Arizona where the family had a rarely used vacation home that he could take over for some time, using those next two years to find his footing in the civilian work when the last ten had been far more rigorously scheduled. His time was open now and he could do what he wanted with it, something that wasn’t entirely present when there were operations to participate in and training to keep up with and orders to follow, and rather than rest on his laurels which was perfectly in his capabilities never mind a trigger to restlessness and boredom, he applied his experience and his knowledge from the aviation field to an automobile repair shop in the area. It was a slow and simple sort of existence, something he felt contrasted deeply to military life or living in a larger city like New York, and while he enjoyed it for some time, it wouldn’t be long – a year and a half – until he felt the winds and the powers that shifted them carry him in another direction.

When his mother moved to Boston, Massachusetts in mid-2016, Joseph wasn’t far behind her, an ever-present figure as she went about moving her life as she knew it in New York City. While it seemed to slow down her life to be in Boston, it sped Joseph’s back up once he took residence in the city a well, continuing his work as an automobile mechanic with the experience he had taken from Sedona and enduring what many would have considered a series of odd and unfortunate events if they had been so lucky to remember them. Sometimes it was fires, sometimes it was floods, sometimes it was power outages and missing persons, but other than blips on the news, they weren’t of any concern to someone who was finding his place among the city and its residents, making new friends and breaking up with girlfriends and trying not to make sure someone drove out of the automobile shop with a total lemon no matter how much work he put into it. He remained there until late-2017 when his mother passed away and he found himself, once again, facing the question of staying in Boston or leaving – a question that he found answered when word reached him about opportunities in San Francisco with none other than the company bearing his name.

He wouldn’t step up into any position of executive power – that much was certain as soon as he walked into the San Francisco offices – but that didn’t mean they couldn’t use him as a consultant, something that came with a much larger pay raise, using the knowledge he had about the military and the aircraft and systems they manufactured and programmed, and would leave him time to continue his life as he saw fit. It would have been a foolish opportunity to pass up, so Joseph took it without much question, packing up and moving his life out of Boston over to warmer coasts in late-2017.

Suffice to say, that was when those strange and unexplainable incidents that had plagued Boston became more of a reality than something to be forgotten, Joseph not without his nights of staring at the news rather than the reports and conference calls he found himself a part of even from a consultant position. There were strange things happening – that much was quick to become certain – and Joseph, as he knows it, is simply along for the ride, trying to survive a world possibly going mad.

• British by way of his mother's side of the family though not commonly touched base on against hsi father's side of the family's considerable presence in U.S. business

• Still wears glasses even if he doesn't necessarily need them, formerly for aesthetic and now to control his Essence Reading given help from Kryptonian technology at Sanctuary

Warren Worthington the Third was born in Centerport, New York, to Katheryn Worthington and Warren Worthington Jr., where he held a rather priviledged lifestyle thanks to his father's ownership of Worthington Industries, an empire set up by generations before. He was attending Phillips Exeter Academy during his adolescense when his mutation first manifested, white feathered wings sprouting from the back of his shoulders and prompting the immediate thought that he was a freak rather than someone who would pave the way for many mutants to come alongside Charles Xavier's X-Men. It was a fire in the dormatories that told him otherwise, Warren borrowing props and costumes from the theater department to dress himself up as a heavenly angel to save his friends. It is only after this that he comes to know he is a mutant, and it isn't something he lets go to waste, donning a costume and becoming the Avenging Angel, a solo adventurer, before being recruited by Charles Xavier.

The path of Warren Worthington of this universe seemingly followed the same of his Earth-616 counterpart until the day when Beast from an alternate future traveled to their universe in order to inform them they needed to return with him to the future. Despite Warren's reluctance, the team accompanied Beast to a future where Cyclops had killed Charles Xavier, and Jean Grey was dead as well (with the school now named after her). After the team had confronted the future Cyclops and helped save the life of the future Beast, the team (under Jean's leadership) decided to stay. Warren was the most reluctant on this decision, believing it could only lead to disaster (and also didn't want to know anything about his future self). Despite this, he agreed to stay until the problems in the time were solved.

Later, Warren did meet his future self and was incredibly confused as to how he had become this way (particularly about his metal wings). Meeting his future self, and the fact that no one was willing to explain to him why he had come to be that way, Warren panicked and attempted to return to his time alone. Jean Grey used her powers to alter Warren's emotions and calm him down, to the dismay of the other X-Men.

Despite this, Warren continued to doubt the mission of his fellow X-Men, and the future School, doubting the truth of future Beast's statements of impending mutant genocide at the hands of future Cyclops. When future Cyclops and his X-Men came to the School to look for recruits, Warren decided to join them, telling the others that they were the only ones fighting for mutantkind in this future. The rest of the team later joined Cyclops' team as well, following the conflict between Wolverine's X-Men and the future versions of the X-Men and Brotherhood at Cape Citadel.

With a number of paradoxes formed by the X-Men staying in the displaced time, it was inevitably found out that to fix all them the original X-Men would have to return to the exact moment they left. However, getting there was a problem in and of itself, caught up in the plots of enemies like the Hellfire Club and their spreading of the Mothervine virus, born from another timeline’s son of Wolverine, Jimmy Hudson, and being launched into space with the symbiote Venom to take down symbiote hunters elsewhere where they ran into the Poisons who, for some time, lost them Jean Grey until she was able to pull herself back together again and rejoin the X-Men.

Trouble hit a head when Ahab, leader of the Hounds, aimed to change the time stream irreparably by killing one of the X-Men – anyone would do though as future would have it from the time slipping mutant Cable, it was to be Bobby Drake. Fortunately, his replacement – a younger version of Nathan Summers, but still the same Cable – rescued and repaired what X-Men he could, including replacing Angel’s fire wings with Mimic’s feathered variation, and slipped them back into the normal timeline where their lives could continue as once known.

tie ins
• Surname (is CV's First Name)
• Monetary Wealth
• Flight Inclination
• "Wings" (Tattoo vs Real)
• Skewed Storyline

Locked Unlocked • Hover for Unlocked Status (CV and/or AU)

Aerial Adaption
Black Vortex Empowerment
Cosmic Wings
Cosmic Energy
Celestial Tech-Like Armor
Energy Swords
Mental Burn-Out
Expert Combatant

Demon Bamf
Blue Lantern Ring/Battery
Intuitive Genius
Michael's Sword
Red Lantern Ring/Battery
Shield of the Seraphim
Signal Watch

Avenging Angel
First Class
Champions of Los Angeles
The Defenders
Horseman of Apocalypse
Apocalypse Armor
Time-Displaced (1)
Time-Displaced (2)
Age of Apocalypse

As of 08/22/2019

Peak Human Strength
Superhuman Stamina
Superhuman Durability
Techno-Organic Wings
Wing Blades
Wing Shielding
Poisonous Plumage
Speed Boost
Regenerative Healing Factor
Hypersonic Scream
Energy Halo
Essense Reading
Energy Manipulation
Energy Blasts
Energy Constructs
Life Force Manipulation
Mental Blocks
Limited Telepathic Communications
Enhanced Avian Physiology
Business Sense
Image Inducer