you don't find love, it finds you. it's got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, and what's written in the stars - anais nin


Tell them you know me.

They’ll take you to my mom.

And staring at her now, Joe could see the resemblance between Alura In-Ze and Kara Zor-El: The long blond hair, kind blue eyes, similar face shape, and the ability to outright punch him into last week if there had been a good reason to do it - not that he had any intention on giving her a reason, but he couldn’t help but worry, standing almost sentry in front of her and trying not to narrow his focus on the House of El crest emblazoned on her uniform - never mind on just about everyone else in the building - even though it was far more comfortable than looking her right in the eyes.

As if he hadn’t enough parents to try and earn favor of, Alura In-Ze, in that moment, was the one of the most concern - a member of the Science Council and far more intelligent than he could have ever expected to be even with his intuitive genius apparently firing on all cylinders, and widow of a would-be hero of the Kryptonian people, something that stood leaps and bounds above his own rank and filing despite his military background, and never mind the fact she was a super being herself under the rays of the yellow sun, the same that was empowering to Supergirl and Superman, as well as all the Kryptonian people who had found themselves beneath its rays. Not Kryptonian himself, he had his own self-laid doubt that when push came to shove and question of how he knew Kara Zor-El came up, he both wasn’t sure what to say or - more pressing - how it would be taken.

Of course, that meant he had just about choked when it had been brought up, slipped right into the conversational pleasantries of how he had arrived in Kandor in the first place and just what he was doing there when he wasn’t of the city to begin with. There were any number of rambling answers seated on his tongue and ready to drop out of his mouth as soon as his brain decided which was the right one, but had there been a right one? Without Kara present, was it right to tell her mother that he was her engaged? Or was the right one to tell her, even without Kara there to corroborate such claims, that they were allies? Outright lying definitely wasn’t the right one, but of the right answers that were both solid in honesty, which wouldn’t get him a House of El inquisition?

That was anyone’s guess.

“I’m,” he started, finding pause in his words if only so he could gulp down a dry spot that had formed in his throat, holding his hand out to activate the Blue Lantern Ring on his finger - yet another piece of odd paraphernalia that had established some place in the known universe beyond everything else that had made him a curious stranger to Kandor. “I’m her fiance.”

“Activate hologram playback.”

The playback had been a number of instances swathed in blue light, hue and tone taking on shape and form, to highlight the particular string of events that had brought him not only to Nora Saylor once more, but Warren to Kara Zor-El, all effectively merged and filed among each other in chronological order. From pizza dates in Boston and burritos at La Taqueria in San Francisco to the troubles of Red Lantern Rings, an Arcade-made Halloween of horrors, and the less-than-marvelous Mister Mxyzptlx, there was no shortage of interaction to present to Alura In-Ze in the event of doubt - including the moment he had proposed.

“End hologram playback,” he said to trigger a stop to the playback, the blue aura that had been displayed between them fading out as the ring returned to its deactivated state on his finger.

“I’m not sure why I’m here, but I know it has to do with her,” he explained, still not sure how he had ended up in a pocket dimension of in the first place - he wasn’t even sure how anyone else had ended up in their respective locations - but there were only so many reasons Joe would have landed in Kandor, and he highly doubted it had anything to do with imps from the Fourth Dimension as much as it did opportunity.