happy valentine's day
Though he's not sure of her schedule, Joe will attempt to whisk her away from work, assuming she's there, for lunch at Rintaro which blends Japanese and Californian cuisine with a number of handmade ingredients including hand kneaded, cut, and rolled udon, housemade tofu, umeshu, umeboshi and fresh pickles, and Wasabi from Half Moon Bay.
Containing between 35 and 38 roses, the red and gold everlasting roses are guaranteed to last a year. While red and gold symbolize true love and signify royalty and stability, Joe is only slightly disappointed there wasn't a version with blue added to be cheesy and go with "Supergirl" colors.
While they say they've sold out, no such bad luck for Joe and Nora! A quick trip to Vancouver will have them watching otters snack on Valentine's Day treats and enjoying scientific talks about how aquatic animals "get jiggy with it" be they sea horses, sharks or jellyfish. The event also comes with a three course dinner, aptly titled "Sealed with a Fish".
Joe didn't hold back, going for the highest package which includes all adoption benefits, plush animal otter, aquarium tote bag, aquarium admission tickets, behind-the-scenes tour tickets, and animal encounter tickets which means there will be another Southern California trip to go on in the future!
With a clear sky and dark forecast at night at Mount Tamalpais, Joe will suggest they stop there to enjoy some champagne and chocolate bonbons from Christopher Elbow Chocolates (flavors) at his cabin before having to return to San Francisco proper for koala caring and baby birthdays and all to come in the next couple of weeks.